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Product Overview

Equalizer flange alignment tools are ideal for aligning and realigning flange joints during pipework construction, commissioning or during routine maintenance. The flange alignment tool is attached to the joint where misalignment is at its greatest and then simply push and pull the flanges into correct alignment.

  • Maximum reaction force up to 40 kN
  • Set includes ratchet strap

Technical specifications

Model NumberMaximum Reaction Force (metric ton)Maximum Reaction Force (kN)Minimum Bolt Size (mm)Reaction Force 2 Max (metric ton)Bolt Hole Diameter Min (mm)Misalignment Min (mm)Weight (kg)


Equalizer Flange alignment tools FA1 TM
Equalizer Flange alignment tools FA4 TM

Dimensions (mm)

Model numberCase Dimensions
FA1TMSTD180 x 330 x 220
FA4TMSTD600 x 370 x 200

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