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On-Site Bolting Solutions

We offer bespoke on-site bolting services designed to maintain the integrity of bolted joints across multiple industries.

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During construction and commissioning of new facilities, the issue of correct bolt-up of critical and non-critical joints can often be overlooked, resulting in costly and potentially catastrophic leaks.

Bolted joint integrity is considered one of the most significant issues in the industry and HES along with Hi-Force are able to provide bespoke solutions to plant owners and contractors, guaranteeing bolted joint integrity.

Our on-site bolting services are tailored to suit unique customer requirements. Customers can select the required support which extends to manpower, supervision and training from our highly competent team of supervisors, trainers and technicians. We also provide tool sale or rental agreements, as well as bolt load calculations and real-time Flange Management database software, to assist with the smooth running of the project workload.

Our flexible approach to offering customers all of the individual components of our on-site service capabilities, or a combination of some, or all of them, ensures clients receive a cost-effective and tailored service package.

Ensure leak free connections on critical joints

Both on the site and at all levels of plant facilities management with HES' on-site bolting services and bolted joint integrity management

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