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Ingersoll Rand product


  • Available in straight, extended or 90-degree angle head configurations,
  • Multiple speed capacities with options of various attachments for increased productivity
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Product Overview

Created for production and non-production industrial applications and for heavy material removal, the grinder line from Ingersoll Rand delivers high performance at an affordable price. The tools feature best-in-class vibration dampening technologies, patented integral guards, and self-locking, spring-loaded throttle levers that prevent accidental operation.

  • Choice of angle, pencil or die grinders
  • Covers guard sizes from 3" to 9"
  • Max free speed up to 35000 RPM

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Technical specifications

SeriesConfigurationMax free speed RPMRated power hpGuard size inOutputWeight kg
M2 Type 1Extended Straight1800013" & 4"3/8"1.48
G1 Type 1Angle & Straight250000.43"3/8"0.6
77 Pro Type 1Extended Straight120001.53" & 4"3/8" & 1/2"2.95
88 Pro Type 1Extended Straight60002-5/8"5.1
99 Pro Type 1Extended Straight600038"5/8"6.7
G3 Type 1Extended Straight1800013" & 4"3/8"2.04
61 Pro Type 1Extended Straight150001.333" & 4"3/8"2.2
301B & 307BAngle & Straight280000.25-1/4" & 6mm0.46
302B & 308BStraight250000.33-1/4" & 6mm0.58
61 Pro Cone & PlugExtended Straight150001.334"3/8"1.9
61 Pro DieExtended Straight150001.33-1/4"1.9
77 Pro AngleExtended Angle75001.57" & 9"5/8"4.1
77 Pro Cone & PlugExtended Straight120001.54"5/8"2.7
88 Pro VerticalVertical85002.27" & 9"5/8"4.1
99 VerticalVertical850037" & 9"5/8"5.1
Max AngleAngle120000.884.5" & 5"M141.5
M2 AngleAngle & Extended Angle1450014" & 5"3/8", 5/8" & M142.07
G1 AngleAngle200000.43"3/8"0.6
G3 AngleAngle1200014.5" - 6"M142.32
G1 DieAngle & Extended Straight350000.4-1/4" & 6mm0.6
Max DieStraight250000.4-1/4" & 6mm0.64
M2 DieAngle & Straight250001-1/4" & 6mm1.62
Revolution DieAngle, Straight & Extended Straight350000.4-1/4" & 6mm0.62
G3 DieAngle, Straight & Extended Straight180001-6mm1.7
LA Die-250000.56-1/4" & 6mm0.54
LA AngleAngle120000.674.5" & 5"3/8"1.7
VT45 TurbineAngle85006.127" & 9"M144.3
VT26 Turbine-120003.485" & 7"M142.8

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