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  • Gives visual, audible and physical indication target torque/angle has been reached
  • Ability to set a Torque, Angle and Final Torque Target
  • Can send up to 15 sequential or non-sequential targets to a NorTronic Tool
  • Real time graph creation from a USB connected tool and generates reports from stored results
  • Torque and angle readings can be sent to TDS in real-time (or downloaded) via the USB and wireless interfaces
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Product Overview

NorTronic®, Norbar's electronic torque wrench, sets the benchmark for electronic torque wrenches with its combination of accuracy, wireless capability and angle measurement. This torque and angle wrench offers great flexibility in connection possibilities as it can be interfaced with customers’ existing production control software and NorTronic’s own unique Torque Data System (TDS) software.

  • Covers torque values from 5 to 330 Nm
  • Ratchet square drive sizes of 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Supplied with a robust push-through ratchet

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