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Product Overview

The modular design of Hi-Force SBT series spring return hydraulic bolt tensioners enables the user to adapt an existing SBT tensioner assembly to another thread size, within the tensioner range, by purchasing individual components or a simple conversion kit. By changing the required components, Hi-Force SBT bolt tensioners offer the user even greater versatility at an economical cost.

  • Use with SBT Imperial Spring Return Tensioners
  • Modular design
  • Offers greater versatility

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Technical specifications

Complete TensionerIndividual componentsD & E
Model NumberBolt ThreadA Load cellB Tommy barC BridgeD Threaded pullerE Rotating socketComplete conversion kit
For tensioner range SBT2:
SBT2-125B11 1/4"SBT2-LCTTB08STS2-B1TPS2-125B1RS2-51B1CKS2-125B1
SBT2-137B11 3/8"SBT2-LCTTB08STS2-B1TPS2-137B1RS2-56B1CKS2-137B1
SBT2-150B11 1/2"SBT2-LCTTB08STS2-B1TPS2-150B1RS2-60B1CKS2-150B1
For tensioner range SBT3:
SBT3-162B11 5/8"SBT3-LCTTB10STS3-B1TPS3-162B1RS3-65B1CKS3-162B1
SBT3-175B11 3/4"SBT3-LCTTB10STS3-B1TPS3-175B1RS3-70B1CKS3-175B1
SBT3-187B11 7/8"SBT3-LCTTB10STS3-B1TPS3-187B1RS3-75B1CKS3-187B1
SBT3-175B21 3/4"SBT3-LCTTB10STS3-B2TPS3-175B2RS3-70B2CKS3-175B2
SBT3-187B21 7/8"SBT3-LCTTB10STS3-B2TPS3-187B2RS3-75B2CKS3-187B2
For tensioner range SBT4:
SBT4-187B11 7/8"SBT4-LCTTB10STS4-B1TPS4-187B1RS4-75B1CKS4-187B1
SBT4-225B22 1/4"SBT4-LCTTB10STS4-B2TPS4-225B2RS4-90B2CKS4-225B2
SBT4-250B22 1/2"SBT4-LCTTB10STS4-B2TPS4-250B2RS4-98B2CKS4-250B2
For tensioner range SBT5:
SBT5-250B12 1/2"SBT5-LCTTB14STS5-B1TPS5-250B1RS5-100B1CKS5-250B1
SBT5-300B12 3/4"SBT5-LCTTB14STS5-B1TPS5-275B1RS5-108B1CKS5-275B1
For tensioner range SBT6:
SBT6-325B13 1/4"SBT6-LCTTB14STS6-B1TPS6-325B1RS6-127B1CKS6-325B1
SBT6-350B13 1/2"SBT6-LCTTB14STS6-B1TPS6-350B1RS6-137B1CKS6-350B1
SBT6-375B33 3/4"SBT6-LCTTB14STS6-B3TPS6-375B3RS6-146B3CKS6-375B3

Note: Remember to check bridge compatibility for SBT3, SBT4 and SBT6 models when ordering components.


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