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New Electronic Torque Wrenches From Norbar

4 October 2021

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HES is pleased to offer ProTronic® and ProTronic® Plus, the new range of electronic torque and angle wrenches from Norbar.

The new series of high precision electronic torque wrenches and screwdriver comprise of 12 models, four ProTronic® and eight ProTronic® Plus, offering torque capacities from 0.45 Nm to 800 Nm.

The ProTronic® models feature a large LCD screen with a bright backlit display for optimal viewing, multiple alert modes, programmable pre-sets and other customisable options that allow the user to tailor the tool to their work preferences. The ProTronic® series covers square drive sizes of 3/8” and ½” with an accuracy of ±2% when operating between 20% to 100% of tool capacity in the clockwise direction.

The ProTronic® Plus range offers all the attributes of the ProTronic® standard versions with advanced features included. Equipped with Bluetooth, the ProTronic® Plus works alongside a specially created app for more intuitive control when out in the field.

Features of the ProTronic® and ProTronic® Plus series include:

  • Dual progressive LEDs positioned both sides of the wrench provide an easy visual representation of torque progress
  • Four alert modes (LCD, progressive LED, audible, vibration) provide excellent feedback in all working conditions
  • Ability to programme up to 10 pre-sets in ProTronic® and up to 50 pre-sets in ProTronic® Plus tool saves time in setting up frequently occurring applications
  • Torque THEN Angle mode gives the user the ability to apply an angle to a fastener directly after achieving a torque target, without the need to remove the torque wrench from the application
  • Power interruption technology helps to prevent loss of work and continuity if the wrench is impacted sufficiently to cause temporary power loss
  • Tough and dependable push-through square drive ratchets with narrow engagement angle that allows for work in confined spaces

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Norbar electronic torque tools protronic 0002 protronic 100


ProTronic Plus

Norbar electronic torque tools protronic plus 0002 protronic plus 100


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