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Collet Style Flange Spreaders

  • For use on all flange types with bolt-hole sizes ranging from 0.69 inches to 2.44 inches
  • Unique expanding collet technology
  • Little or no access gap required
  • Secure bolt-hole locking mechanism
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Product Overview

The collet holders are supplied with adjustable drive cones which can be adjusted outward from their central position allowing the tool to spread flanges apart and remove a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve.

  • Time-saving, simple operation
  • Measureable, controlled flange spreading force
  • Virtually universal, the Secure-Grip flange Spreader range covers ANSI, DIN, SPO, ASME, API and BS flanges

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Technical specifications

Model NumberMaximum Spread (mm)Power SourceMaximum Operating Torque (Nm)Capacity (metric tons)Capacity (kN)Tip Clearance (mm)Usable on Flanges Specified to Accept the Following Bolt SizesWeight (kg)
SG4TMSTD75Mechanical473.7370M16, M20, 5/8”, 3/4”12.8
SG6TMSTD80Mechanical1086600M24, M27, 7/8”, 1”16.0
SG11TMSTD90Mechanical120111100M30, M33, M36, 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”, 1 3/8”20.0
SG13TESTD115Hydraulic131300M39 (1 1/2”), M42 (1 5/8”), M45 (1 3/4”)40.5
SG15TESTD100Hydraulic151500M48 (1 7/8”), M52 (2”), M56 (2 1/4”)45.0
SG18TESTD100Hydraulic181800M60 (2 3/8”), M64 (2 1/2”), M70 (2 3/4”)45.0
SG25TESTD120Hydraulic252500M76 (3”), M80 (3 1/4”), M84 (3 3/8”), M90 (3 1/2”), M95 (3 3/4”), M100 (4”)50.0


Equalizer Flange Spreaders Collect Style Hydraulic Secure Grip 01
Equalizer Flange Spreaders Collect Style Mechanical Secure Grip 01
Equalizer Flange Spreaders Collect Style SG18 TE
Equalizer Flange Spreaders Collect Style SG25 TE

Dimensions (mm)

Model NumberA mmA1 (Minimum Axial Space - for installation) mmA2 (Minimum Axial Space - installed) mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmF (Minimum flange joint thickness) mmF (Maximum flange joint thickness) mmP1 (Minimum axial plug space for installation) mmP2 (Minimum axial plug space - installed) mmR (Minimum radial space) mmV (Minimum valve/spacer thickness) mmV (Maximum valve/spacer thickness) mmCase dimensions
SG13 SG15516310260-7011563072120310--280095890 x 570 x 165
SG4TM SG6TM SG11TM39817020019050753854860185--170040520 x 375 x 165
SG18TE-620900-----190450283283550-890 x 570 x 165
SG25TE-7501100-----210570380380550-890 x 570 x 165

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