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Equalizer International product

Wedge Style Flange Spreaders

  • Practical, portable and lightweight
  • Revolving handle to aid horizontal or vertical spreading
  • Safety lanyard length, 39 inches (991 mm)
  • Rapid disassembly and assembly
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Product Overview

The innovative flange spreading wedges from Equalizer offer a simple solution for hydraulically spreading flange joints in confined spaces. All models are portable and lightweight and feature a revolving handle to aid horizontal or vertical spreading. The range also includes ATEX certified options, suitable for use in potentially explosive environments. To allow the operator to maintain an equal spreading distance across the flange faces, it is recommended for two flange spreading tools to be used when opening flange joints.

  • Capacity up to 240 kN
  • Spreading distance up to 103.5 mm
  • Maximum operating pressure of 700 bar for hydraulic tools

Product resources

SWi Series

Model NumberModel typeSpreader certificationMaximum spread (mm)Power sourceMaximum operating torque (Nm)Capacity (metric tons)Capacity (kN)Tip clearance (max)Jaw width (mm)Weight (kg)
SWi5TE-SSingle wedge setNot ATEX certified101External hydraulic7.777450.08.7
SWi5TI-SSingle integral pump setNot ATEX certified101Integral hydraulic7.777450.010.5
SWi5TE-TTwin wedge setNot ATEX certified101External hydraulic7.777450.014.4
SWi1214TMSTDSPBSingle wedge setNot ATEX certified103.5Mechanical17514140660.013.0
SWi1214TMSTDEXSingle wedge setATEX certified103.5Mechanical17514140660.017.0
SWi2025TISTDSPBSingle wedge integral pump setNot ATEX certified103.5Integral hydraulic24240660.09.3
SWi2025TEMINSPBSingle wedge setNot ATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.011.6
SWi2025TEMINEXSingle wedge setATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.015.0
SWi2025TISTDEXSingle wedge integral pump setATEX certified103.5Integral hydraulic24240660.017.5
SWi2025TESTDSPBSingle wedge and pump setNot ATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.020.7
SWi2025TESTDEXSingle wedge and pump setATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.027.5
SWi2025TEMAXSPBTwin wedge and pump setNot ATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.033.0
SWi2025TEMAXEXTwin wedge and pump setATEX certified103.5External hydraulic24240660.038.8

MG Series

Model NumberMaximum Spread (mm)Power SourceCapacity (metric tons)Capacity (kN)Tip Clearance (mm)Weight (kg)


Equalizer S Wi 002
Equalizer S Wi 001
Equalizer MG

Dimensions (mm)

Model NumberCase Dimensions (mm)
SWi5TE-S/ SWi5TE-T/ SWi5TI-S580 x 340 x 180
SWi1214TMSTDSPB/ SWi2025TEMINSPB/ SWi2025TISTDSPB580 x 330 x 165
SWi2025TESTDSPB/ SWi2025TEMAXSPB920 x 500 x 205
SWi1214TMSTDEX/ SWi2025TEMINEX/ SWi2025TISTDEX580 x 400 x 180
SWi2025TESTDEX680 x 560 x 180
SWi2025TEMAXEX930 x 600 x 180
MG7TMSTD360 x 300 x 90

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