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SLV Range

Synchronous Lifting System - Variable Speed Drive

  • High efficiency three phase variable speed drive motor
  • Two stage pump delivering up to 19.6L in low pressure and up to 4.8L at 700 bar with option of reducing the flow rate using the variable speed drive controller
  • Selection of outlet valves with single or double acting controls on each outlet
  • 700 bar pressure transducers fitted as standard on each outlet
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Product Overview

The SLV range has been designed for precise lifting and lowering of heavy loads using multiple synchronised hydraulic cylinders. The system comprises of a heavy duty three phase electric motor, operator control panel to monitor up to 32 channels and a robust framework for transportation and storage of the entire system.

  • Working pressure 700 bar
  • Control from 8 to 32 lifting points
  • Variable speed control

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Technical specifications

Model NumberNo. of outletsOil Cap. (litres)Total oil flow (litres/minute)Supply voltage
1st stage2nd stage
SLV82820019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) -3Ph
SLV1221220019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) -3Ph
SLV1621620019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2022020019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2422420019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2822820019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV3223220019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV84840019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV1241240019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV1641640019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2042040019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2442440019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV2842840019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph
SLV3243240019.64.8380/480V (50/60 Hz) - 3Ph

Note: All models are suitable for operation at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Mounting Kits

Model NumberMounting kit typeApplicable cylinderIncrease in cylinder height mm
SLMK-11HSS - 25T+3.5
1HSS - 30T+3.5
SLMK-22HAS - 30T+10
2HRA - 30T+10
SLMK-33HSS - 50T+10
3HAS - 50T+10
3HRA - 50T;+10
SLMK-44HSS - 75T+10
SLMK-55HSS - 100T+10
5HAS - 100T+10
5HRA - 100T+10
SLMK-66HDA - 25T+11
SLMK-77HDA - 50T+10
SLMK-88HDA - 100T+10
SLMK-99HDA - 150T+10
9HDA - 200T+10
SLMK-1010HHS - 20T+11
SLMK-1111HHS - 30T+12
11HHR - 30T+12
SLMK-1212HHA - 37T+1
SLMK-1313HHA - 50T+1
SLMK-1414HHS - 60T+12
14HHR - 60T+12
SLMK-1515HHS - 100T+10
15HHR - 100T+10
SLMK-1616HHR - 150T+10
SLMK-1717HHR - 250T+10
SLMK-1818HFA - 30T0
SLMK-1919HFA - 50T+8
SLMK-2020HFA - 100T0
20HGG - 150T0
SLMK-2121HDA - 300T0
SLMK-2222HDA - 400T0
22HDA - 500T0
SLMK-2323HDA - 800T0
23HDA - 1000T0
23HFG - 800T0
SLMK-2424HFL - 50T+8
24HFG - 50T+8
SLMK-2525HFG - 400T0
25HFG - 500T0
25HGG - 200T0
25HSG - 200T0
SLMK-2626HFL - 100T+9
26HFG - 100T+9
SLMK-2727HFL - 150T+8
27HFG - 150T+8
27HFG - 200T+8
27HSG - 150T+8
SLMK-2828HFG - 250T0
28HFG - 300T0
28HGG - 300T0
SLMK-2929HSG - 300T0
SLMK-3030HFL - 250T+8
SLMK-3131HFL - 400T+10
SLMK-3232HFL - 500T+10
SLMK-3333HFG - 1000T0

Displacement Sensors

Model NumberType and Stroke (mm)

Sensor Cables

Cable Model NumberHose Model NumberLength (m)


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