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Square Drive Conversion Kits, Extended Reaction Arms and Removable Handles

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Product Overview

Hi-Force SDC square drive conversion kits, suitable for Hi-Force TWH-N hexagon drive hydraulic torque wrenches are available for all models, excluding TWH430N. All models are supplied complete with an easily attachable reaction foot and a standard hexagon AF size adaptor, suitable for fitment to a commonly used size of imperial or metric ratchet head, per tool type.

  • Available in 1", 1 1/2" or 2 1/2" square drive sizes
  • Manufactured from aluminium
  • Removable handle kits allow users to better support the tools during operation.

Product resources

Square Drive Conversion Kits

Model NumberSquare DriveHexagon AF SizeMaximum Torque NmMaximum Torque lbf.ftSuitable forWeight kg
inmmdrive cylinderincl. ratchet head
SDC271"1 13/16"4626251906TWH27NTWH27NRH-1131.1
SDC541 1/2"2 9/16"6553723901TWH54NTWH54NRH-2093.0
SDC1201 1/2"3 1/8"80117378522TWH120NTWH120NRH-3024.4
SDC210-I2 1/2"3 7/8"-2121615405TWH210NTWH210NRH-3149.1
SDC210-M2 1/2"-1002121615405TWH210NTWH210NRH-1009.1

Note: When ordering SDC conversion kits, check to ensure that you already have the required size of ratchet head.

Removable Handle Kits

For tool model numberModel numberHex key to fit handle kit
TWH27NTSH273 mm
TWH54NTSH544 mm
TWH120NTSH1205 mm
TWH210NTSH2106 mm
TWH430NTSH4308 mm


Hi force dim draw torque tools TWH N ERA

Extended Reaction Arms

Model NumberLength A mmLength B mmHeight C mmWidth D mm

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