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Product Overview

The TWH-NRH range of imperial hexagon ratchet heads, suitable for use with TWH-N series low profile hydraulic torque wrenches, provide exceptional flexibility with across flats (AF) sizes from 1 1/16” to 6 7/8” available as standard. All models feature extremely low profile design combined with a minimum nose radius (R) that enables fitment in very confined limited access places.

  • Choice of standard imperial sizes
  • Easily fitted to TWH-N drive units
  • Strong steel construction

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Technical specifications

Bolt SizeNut AF SizeFor TWH27NFor TWH54NFor TWH120NFor TWH210NFor TWH430N
Model NumberR mmWt kgModel NumberR mmWt kgModel NumberR mmWt kgModel NumberR mmWt kgModel NumberR mmWt kg
5/8"1 1/16"TWH27NRH-10110.51.5
3/4"1 1/4"TWH27NRH-1049.81.6
7/8"1 7/16"TWH27NRH-1079.81.6TWH54NRH-10713.52.9
1"1 5/8"TWH27NRH-110101.6TWH54NRH-11010.82.8
1 1/8"1 13/16"TWH27NRH-11310.51.7TWH54NRH-11310.72.9
1 1/4"2"TWH27NRH-200101.7TWH54NRH-20011.73.0TWH120NRH-20014.85.8
1 3/8"2 3/16"TWH27NRH-2039.81.8TWH54NRH-20311.83.1TWH120NRH-20314.76.1
1 1/2"2 3/8"TWH27NRH-20610.31.8TWH54NRH-20611.83.2TWH120NRH-20614.86.4
1 5/8"2 9/16"TWH54NRH-20911.63.3TWH120NRH-20914.86.4
1 3/4"2 3/4"TWH54NRH-21211.83.4TWH120NRH-21214.96.5TWH210NRH-21218.312.1
1 7/8"2 15/16"TWH54NRH-21514.83.5TWH120NRH-21514.96.5TWH210NRH-21518.312.2
2"3 1/8"TWH54NRH-30212.13.5TWH120NRH-30215.16.5TWH210NRH-30218.512.3TWH430NRH-3022623.2
2 1/4"3 1/2"TWH120NRH-30816.97.9TWH210NRH-30819.312.4TWH430NRH-30826.823.9
2 1/2"3 7/8"TWH120NRH-31419.68.5TWH210NRH-31419.512.5TWH430NRH-31426.525.7
2 3/4"4 1/4"TWH210NRH-40419.513.3TWH430NRH-40426.926.1
3"4 5/8"TWH210NRH-41019.313.8TWH430NRH-41025.926.3
3 1/4"5"TWH430NRH-50027.427.9
3 1/2"5 3/8"TWH430NRH-50625.828.3
3 3/4"5 3/4"TWH430NRH-51224.829.3
4"6 1/8"TWH430NRH-6022530.1
4 1/4"6 1/2"TWH430NRH-6082531.0
4 1/2"6 7/8"TWH430NRH-61427.331.8

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