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Model SF-S, K, S/P

  • For moving loads with speeds up to max. 100 m/min
  • Flanged wheels for use on profiles, see series SF – SA(B), SA(B)/P
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Product Overview

Test according to DIN 4422 at the material testing office passed for SF 150 S + SF 150 K

  • Solid all-steel construction of the fixed suspension
  • Drilling pattern can be designed according to customer requirements
  • Can be combined with other suspensions

Product resources

Series SF-S, SF-K

Sizeabc∅d1∅efGHjkSuitable for this seriesLoad capacity (kN)Weight(kg)
SF 150 SSF 150K220150190150141151518080120SLSD302016.710.7
SF 175 pSF 175K220150190175141151521080120SLSD302021:412.1
SF 200 SSF 200K220150190200141151523580120SLSD303026.713.6
SF 225 SSF 225K220150190225141151526080120303032.715.2
SF 250 SSF 250K270210210250181501528580120353541.919.3
SF 275 pSF 275K270210210275181501531080120353549.721.0
SF 300 SSF 300K270210210300181501533580120353558.622.9

Note: All dimensions in mm

Series SF-S/P

Sizeabc∅d1∅efGHjkSuitable for this seriesLoad capacity (kN)Weight(kg)
SF 150 S220170180150181302019580130SLSD5016.9
SF 175 p220170180175181302022080130SLSD5021:6
SF 200 S220170180200181302024580130SLSD6026.913.6
SF 225 S2201701802251813020285801306032.915.2
SF 250 S2702102102501816020310801308042.119.3
SF 275 p2702102102751816020320801308049.921.0
SF 300 S2702102103001816020345801308058.822.9

Note: All dimensions in mm


Borkey roller skates model SF S K SP

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