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Gauges and Mounting Blocks

Pressure Gauges & Gauge Mounting Blocks

  • Choice of dry or glycerine filled models available
  • Recommended for use within all hydraulic systems to monitor hydraulic pressure
  • Dual scale reading on all models
  • Gauges scaled to match high tonnage cylinders (over 109 tonnes) available on request
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Product Overview

Hi-Force hydraulic pressure gauges are your “window” to the system and are recommended for use within all hydraulic systems to allow the user to constantly monitor the system pressure. Hi-Force hydraulic pressure gauges are manufactured to EN837-1 and are accurate to +/- 1% of full scale. Standard range models up to 109 tonnes are listed in the below table, however gauges to suit Hi-Force high tonnage cylinders are available on request. Individual gauge calibration certificates available at extra cost on request.

  • Clear precise dual scale readings
  • Manufactured to EN837-1
  • +/- 1% full scale accuracy

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Model NumberGauge diameter mmGauge typeReading Inner scaleReading Outer scaleInlet threadCompatible Hi-Force cylindersWeight kg
HG63G63glycerine0-700 bar0-10000 psi1/4"-18NPTAll models0.2
HG1100dry0-700 bar0-10000 psi1/2"-14NPTAll models0.9
HG1G100glycerine0-700 bar0-10000 psi1/2"-14NPTAll models1.0
HG5100dry0-700 bar0-4.5 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 4.5 tonnes models0.9
HG10100dry0-700 bar0-10 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 10 tonnes models0.9
HG11100dry0-700 bar0-11 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 11 tonnes models0.9
HG20100dry0-700 bar0-20 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 20 tonnes models0.9
HG23100dry0-700 bar0-23 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 23 tonnes models0.9
HG25100dry0-700 bar0-25 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 25 tonnes models0.9
HG32100dry0-700 bar0-32 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 32 tonnes models0.9
HG33100dry0-700 bar0-33 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 33 tonnes models0.9
HG50100dry0-700 bar0-50 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 50 tonnes models0.9
HG61100dry0-700 bar0-61 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 61 tonnes models0.9
HG102100dry0-700 bar0-102 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 102 tonnes models0.9
HG109100dry0-700 bar0-109 tonnes1/2"-14NPTAll 109 tonnes models0.9
HG2150dry0-700 bar0-10000 psi1/2"-14NPTAll models1.6
HG2G150glycerine0-700 bar0-10000 psi1/2"-14NPTAll models1.7

Digital Pressure Gauge

Model NumberGauge Diameter mmPressure Reading barPressure Reading psiPressure Reading mPaPressure Reading kg/cm2Inlet ThreadWeight kg

Gauge Mounting Blocks

Model NumberLength mmWidth mmHeight mmGauge threadInlet ThreadOutlet ThreadWeight kg
HGA17532321/2"-14NPT3/8"-18NPT male3/8"-18NPT female0.3
HGA216032321/2"-14NPT3/8"-18NPT male3/8"-18NPT female0.9
HGA1-257532321/4"-18NPT3/8"-18NPT male3/8"-18NPT female0.3
HGA2-2516032321/4"-18NPT3/8"-18NPT male3/8"-18NPT female0.9
AGA1-257532501/4"-18NPT3/8"-18NPT male3/8"-18NPT female0.6

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