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Product Overview

Ingersoll Rand manufactures ergonomic, in-process, manual and powered custom material handling systems, and offers a complete range of handling devices, from the simplest to the most complex custom device. We specialize in providing turnkey solutions utilizing our complete line of standard and custom products to create a combination that empowers individuals to work more comfortably and effectively.

  • Standard and custom solutions
  • Manual and powered tilt and rotation packages
  • Innovative designs from the simplest to the most complex device

Product resources

Signature Bundle Handlers

ModelStroke inStroke mmBundle Length mmBundle Length inBody TypeControl Handle
SBH1-1-110254610-81324-32Single cylinderSingle side control
SBH1-1-210254813-101632-40Single cylinderSingle side control
SBH1-1-3102541016-121940-48Single cylinderSingle side control
SBH1-2-110254610-81324-32Single cylinderDual side control
SBH1-2-210254813-101632-40Single cylinderDual side control
SBH1-2-3102541016-121940-48Single cylinderDual side control
SBH1-3-110254610-81324-32Single cylinderEnd control
SBH1-3-210254813-101632-40Single cylinderEnd control
SBH1-3-3102541016-121940-48Single cylinderEnd control
SBH1-4-110254610-81324-32Single cylinderSide and end control
SBH1-4-210254813-101632-40Single cylinderSide and end control
SBH1-4-3102541016-121940-48Single cylinderSide and end control
SBH1-5-110254610-81324-32Single cylinderTop swivel handle control
SBH1-5-210254813-101632-40Single cylinderTop swivel handle control
SBH1-5-3102541016-121940-48Single cylinderTop swivel handle control

Rotary Action Handlers

Body materialCapacity lbCapacity kgMax core lengthMax core O.D.
Aluminium10045.412" 305 mm30" 762 mm
Steel300136.124" 310"42" 1067 mm

Torque Tubes

Part No.Torque capacity ft-lbsTorque capacity NmLift capacity @ 100 psiTravelWeight kg
540442277410060 lbs 27 kg20" 508 mm18
5404181918425060 lbs 27 kg24" 610 mm23
54044417386500100 lbs 45 kg36" 914 mm34
45621109386500150 lbs 68 kg36" 914 mm36

Standard Handling Devices

ZV1S1-cup handling device
ZV1ST1-cup handling device with tilt
ZV4S4-cup handling device
ZC2SStandard clamp device

Services and support

Whether it is choosing the right tool for the job, improving technical and operational knowledge or product maintenance and warranty, HES is here to help.

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