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Hi-Force product

HPF Range

Workshop Presses

  • Strong steel frame construction
  • Easily adjustable work table on all models
  • Adjustable upper bed on all models 50 tonnes and above
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Product Overview

The HPF workshop hydraulic presses are designed and manufactured, with maximum strength and durability, to provide years of safe and trouble-free operation. Ideally suited for use in workshop maintenance applications, the range offers capacities from 10 to 200 tonnes with stroke lengths up to 330 mm, operating at maximum pressures of 700 bar.

  • Capacities from 10 to 200 tonnes
  • Stroke lengths from 250 to 330 mm
  • Working pressure 700 bar

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Technical specifications

Model NumberCapacity TonnesStroke mmCylinder ModelCylinder PrinciplePump ModelPump OperatonWeight kg
HPF102010250HSS1010single actingHP110hand operated180
HPF103010250HSS1010single actingAHP1120air powered180
HPF252025250HSS2510single actingHP227hand operated180
HPF253025250HSS2510single actingAHP1120air powered180
HPF254125250HSS2510single actingHPF207311110V 50 Hz, 3-way210
HPF254225250HSS2510single actingHPF207312230V 50 Hz, 3-way210
HPF254425250HSS2510single actingHPF207314400V 50 Hz/460V 60 Hz, 3-way210
HPF502050330HDA5013double actingHP252Dhand operated520
HPF504150330HDA5013double actingHPF207411110V 50 Hz, 4-way550
HPF504250330HDA5013double actingHPF207412230V 50 Hz, 4-way550
HPF504450330HDA5013double actingHPF207414400V 50 Hz/460V 60 Hz, 4-way550
HPF10041100330HDA10013double actingHPF207411110V 50 Hz, 4-way1050
HPF10042100330HDA10013double actingHPF207412230V 50 Hz, 4-way1050
HPF10044100330HDA10013double actingHPF207414400V 50 Hz/460V 60 Hz, 4-way1050
HPF20041200305HDA20012double actingHPF207411110V 50 Hz, 4-way3250
HPF20042200305HDA20012double actingHPF207412230V 50 Hz, 4-way3250
HPF20044200305HDA20012double actingHPF207414400V 50 Hz/460V 60 Hz, 4-way3250

Note: 1) All 400/460V models are suitable for operation at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

2) All 110V and 230V models are supplied to run at 50 Hz as standard. For 60 Hz requirements, please suffix 'H' to the press model number.

3) To order a press with low voltage solenoid valve and hand pendant controller, please suffix 'S' to the press model number.

4) To order a press suitable for 60 Hz operation with low voltage solenoid valve and hand pendant controller, please suffix 'HS' to the press model number.


Model NumberCap. Per Set TonnesDimensions in mm
HVB250010 - 25204154204515545820


Hi force dim draw presses HPF
V Blocks

Dimensions (mm)

ABCD minD maxE minE maxFGHJ
10 tonne models7621453500126212622641014150192232660
25 tonne models7621453500126212622641014150192232660
50 tonne models10002067800115215724078271402582981000
100 tonne models100019951000109513755658451403383881240
200 tonne models1200280012501815211561018101503304101750
Note: Press bed and press head are adjustable in steps of ‘F’. 1) 25 tonne models have a fixed top head and adjustable bottom press bed with 6 positions 2) 50 tonne models have an adjustable top head and bottom press bed with 4 positions each 3) 100 tonne models have adjustable top head and bottom press bed with 3 positions each 4) 200 tonne models have adjustable top head with 3 positions and a bottom press bed with 9 positions

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